Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou is a renowned landmark in downtown Houston since its founding in 1836. It’s nowadays one of the main tourist destinations with an incredibly diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna, both in their natural setting. We here at Ace Garage Door Repair Houston love visiting this park as much as possible!

The 52-mile piece of crafted landmass with slow-moving waterway has transformed over time into a spectacular center; nurturing dozens of environmental beauties under the project priced at $58 million. The project was both a public and private type of partnership led by Recreational Department of Houston city, Buffalo Bayou, Harris County Flood control among others.

The construction of this project began in 2012 which focused on restoring the land into self-sustaining and more natural native landscape. New and improvised amenities were also put in place to enhance convenience and safety for visitors.
Among the renovation done include; restoring natural landscapes such as native grasses and trees. The trails were also upgraded for the hikers and walkers to enjoy their time while in the park. The lunar cycle lighting was also extended with a modification of the two pedestrian bridges.
Some of the new destination features within the park include the Water works, the Jamail Skate Park, Dunlavy & Allen Parkway and the Lost Lake. A portion of the Eleanor Tinsley Park and the dog park were also renovated to fit the classic look of its immediate surroundings. Colorful benches, drinking fountains and picnic spots were also added to strategically designed areas within the park.
The most recent project is a restoration of a portion of the Allen’s Landing, the Sunset Coffee Building which is a partnership between the Houston First Corporation and Buffalo Bayou. The area is being transformed into a Kayak/ canoe race course, event rental space, bicycles rental center and coffee shop.

The Buffalo Bayou Cistern

This is an underground cistern that was built way back in 1926 to hold a substantial portion of Houston’s drinking water. The Cistern sprang a massive and irreparable leak and the reservoir was drained. It remained empty, unused and practically forgotten for years before being turned into an artificial attraction site. The hypnotic beauty of the cistern in simply irresistible; admission is just $2, which include a 30-minutes historical tour by a Park guide.
Canoe & Kayak Trails

Whether you are touring Allen’s landing or the Sesquicentennial Park, you surely not going to miss the epic treat inside the canoes. Buffalo Bayou Park guarantees an exceptional way of sneaking a view of Houston downtown. It creates a perfect environment for canoeing and kayaking among other recreational activities.

Bike & Hike Trails

All the way from the Sabine to Bagby Street; you can enjoy the 2 miles of pure hiking or with bikes as you share the fun moments with your crew. The two-mile trails connect the Memorial & Allen Parkway to Sesquicentennial Park & the Theater District in Houston downtown.

Within the Buffalo Bayou are a series of parks, all worth a visit. A total of ten parks exists which include; the Buffalo Bayou Park, Allen’s Landing, Memorial Park, Hidalgo Park, Guadalupe Park among others.

The no -profit organization running the Buffalo Bayou Park is the Buffalo Bayou Partnership. The body oversees the internal improvements, coordinates the integration of primary amenities, runs the restoration of projects and try as much as possible to increase community involvement in developing and decorating the Park.

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