History of the Houston Oilers

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Houston Oilers is a renowned football team commonly known as Tennessee Titans. The team started to play as a member of American Football League back in 1960. Since then, the team has made huge accomplishments including winning two AFL championships prior to joining NFL during the AFL-NFL merger. The team has competed in the East Division along with Boston, New York and Buffalo before joining AFC Central. This team is owned by Bud Adams who is still the club’s president to date. Oilers spent majority of their time playing home games at the Astrodome. The Oilers made a huge record after becoming the first champions of the AFL by winning the 1960 and 1961 contest.

It is interesting to know that at some time the team had to play its home games in a renovated high school stadium since Rice University refused them to use its stadium. Nonetheless, after the team won its second AFL championship, fans filled Jeppesen Field. However, the team’s bid for a third championship was not very successful since they were beat by the Dallas Texans in 1962. The loss was followed by a series of losses leading the club to the last position finish in 1966. This loss was an awakening call for the team as they won AFL’s Eastern Division for the fourth time in 1967 only losing the title game to their long time rival Oakland Raiders. The team moved to a professional stadium, Astrodome, and in their first play in the stadium they beat Washington Redskins 9-3 in 1968.

However, the team went on to experience a series of setbacks in the new stadium and by 1973 they experienced a second 1-13 loss leading to a decline in attendance. At this point, Adams decided to hire the team’s tenth head coach Bum Phillips who led the team to finish with a 10-4 record in 1975. Even though the team barely missed the playoffs, attendance record was increasing at this point. The following year the team performed poorly finishing with a 5-9 record a performance that led to the drafting of Earl Campbell, a Heisman Trophy winner out of the University of Texas. Nonetheless, the team went on to attain several success though they never made it to the playoffs by that time. Warren Moon went on to become the team’s quarterback while Jerry Glanville became team’s fourteenth head coach after Phillips was fired. Moons led the team to success.

Jack Pardee was appointed Oilers fifteenth head coach. However, the team still suffered in post-seasons and even gave up a big playoff comeback to Buffalo Bills in 1992 fateful decisions which turned a 35-3 lead into a 41-38 loss. This epic loss led to the changing of the coaching staff.

The following season, Oilers had an incredible unprecedented twelve-game winning streak but lost in the playoffs. In 1996 the franchise moved to Tennessee and during 1997-1998 the team finished 8-8. Finally in 1998, the Oilers changed its name to its current Titan title the same year they finished with a 13-3 record. In the 2000 Super Bowl XXXIV, Titans finished 13-3 and were first place in divisions. However, they were beaten by Baltimore Ravens during the play offs.

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