Sam Houston Park

When we are not busy performing Houston garage door repair services, we are spending as much time as we can enjoying the local landscape and learning how it all came to be. The Sam Houston Park comes with some incredible history. The park offers a large number of wide-open green spaces that sit among some stunning modern monuments. There are also some civic institutions which surround the park. The Sam Houston Park is very close to the city of Houston. There are many freeways and skyscrapers nearby. It is a very short walk from the City’s Hall. The park is a great place to visit if you need a few quiet moments to breathe in some fresh air.
History Of The Sam Houston Park.

The first person to join the committee of this amazing park was a man named Sam Brashear. He was the mayor of Houston city at the time. It was up to him to build the city park. The park was built in 1899. At the time, the park sat on twenty acres of land. It was designed similar to the Victorian era. There were many footpaths which came out from an old mill which led to a beautiful bridge. This bridge sat over a beautiful stream. A fifty two year old house also sat in the park. This house was once a school.

By the time the 1950’s arrived, Houston city had completely changed. Because of the changes that were taking place, the park also had to undergo changes. Sadly, there was talk about the old house having to be demolished. However, the house was saved and is still there until this day.

The house and other surrounding buildings are now a historical landmark for Houston. They represent a wide range of different eras and come with so much interesting history. Some of the buildings include: The Fourth Ward Cottage, The Kellum-Nobel House, The Nichols-Rice Cherry House, The Old Place, The Pillot House, The Yates House, The San Felipe Cottage, St. John Church and The Staiti House. Each of these buildings come with their own individual and unique history.

The Museum of Texas is also very close to the park. It sits on the corner of Lamar and Bagby Street. This is free of charge. The museum offers a wide range of exhibitions that talk about previous eras that the city of Houston once had.

Anybody from the public may visit the park and the museum. However, if you wish to have a tour the buildings, then you will need to contact the Heritage Society. Please contact us on: or on 713 655 1912. The Heritage Society will be able to provide you with all of the information you require.

If you are visiting Houston at Christmas time, it is worth noting that the Sam Houston Park is home to the regular Candlelight Tour in the Park. Here you will see many re-enactments. Those involved in these re-enactments wear the traditional clothing that would have been worn back in those days, and offer tours of the homes they once lived in. This will give you a great experience of what life would have been like in past eras.

If it was not for the Heritage Society, these things would be happening today. Please consider visiting the great Sam Houston Park when you come to Houston.

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