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Top 9 Reasons to Move to Houston, TX

For many years, people foreign to Houston believed that this city was all about oil, dirt, cowboys and oppressing heat. However in more recent years, folks are beginning to reassess their opinions and regard Houston as the #1 city in the country. That shouldn’t be surprising, though, as the area is buzzing with industries, state-of-the-art healthcare centers, and stylish living options. From job creation to housing market, the Bayou City has excelled in everything.

Although you may have your own reason to move to Houston, we provide you with what we think are the top 9 reasons good enough to call it your home!

  1. Libertarian Vibes
  2. Houston may be a no-nonsense city, but it’s not likely to impose suffocating restrictions on you either. The people here are friendly, congenial and let you do your business without any interference. Their basic premise is to neither help you nor stand in your way. Many people shift to Houston because of its family oriented neighborhoods and welcoming school districts. Being one of the most radically diverse cities of U.S, the Bayou City has an abundance of artistic space, family-friendly outings, and trendy food fads. From traffic rules to business regulation, there’s a sense of personal freedom here. Zoning laws are pretty casual here and that is reflected in the out-of-place yet interesting architecture sprawled throughout the city.

  3. A Promising Job Market
  4. Most people move to Houston for jobs. That’s not surprising, considering the strong job market of this city. Known as the energy capital of Texas, Houston forms the hub of dozens of energy companies. It leads the way in the oil and gas industry. This city is home to 27 Fortune 500 companies and is seeing a surge in both, entrepreneurship as well as small business owners. Over the years, Houston has seen a steady stream of high-paying jobs in manufacturing, technology and energy, and will continue to do so. If you are on the lookout for reliable opportunities for employment, you’d be relieved to know that Houston has been able to survive the recession period successfully. It has bounced right back and even capitalized on its recovery.

  5. No State Income Taxes
  6. As a resident of Houston, you’re exempt from paying state income tax. In fact, Texas is one of the 7 states where residents are not on the hook for state income tax payment. In addition to that, the yearly tax bill/household in this city is also one of the lowest of all the cities in America. Thus, the lowest tax bill coupled with the lower living/housing costs makes Houston many times more attractive than cities like California, where the paychecks may be higher, but the taxes and living costs are also considerably higher to match.

    So if you wish to hold on tight to your hard earned cash while experiencing a better job market, Houston is where you should be!

  7. The Thriving Arts Scene
  8. Houston brags of massive and magnificent art exhibits and installations. The museum district encompasses a whopping 19 different art museums, all located within walking distance from each other. Highlights include the Fine Arts Museum, which houses arcane collections, dating to back to the Golden Era of History. It also displays some unique curios and traveling exhibits. The famous Rothko Chapel sprawled along the same district enjoys phenomenal interest from tourists and art-lovers alike. The different kinds of new and remodeled galleries downtown allow you to revel in the beauty of art. No wonder then that Houston attained 4 “best show” awards from the International Association of Art Critics in 2012!

  9. A Surprising Amount of Lush Greenery to Enjoy
  10. Too many people believe that Houston is a concrete wilderness of oil derricks and skyscrapers. However, that’s not true. In fact, it hosts over 50,000 acres of green space. The contractors are opening up lots of trendy and beautiful spaces in the midst of downtown in renovated factories and warehouses. Out of the 10 most populated cities in America, Houston encloses the maximum number of park lands. People shifting their base here are sure to approve of the massive outdoor space available to them. It is where they can escape and rewind in leisure, amid the hustle bustle of this metropolitan city.

  11. A Multitude of Options for Childhood Education
  12. One great reason to move to Houston is the city’s education potential. If you have got children, then this city is most likely your kid’s gateway to top tier education. With over 40 reputed institutions to choose from, you can be sure that your child gets to choose a first-rate course that not only does justice to their talent but also satisfies their interest. The Greater Houston Area has up to 14 major centers of higher learning, including the University of Houston as well as Rice University. The education level of this city is also the highest in the state. To top it all, living in Houston qualifies your children for in-state tuition. That, in essence, is a big plus, considering the escalating costs of higher education.

  13. World Class Cuisine; Not Just BBQ
  14. Houston is known to host some of the most interesting places to eat. With over 11,000 restaurants catering to cuisines spanning the globe, you’re bound to find a huge plethora of flavor combinations, dining facilities and ambiance options to choose from. While the critically lauded restaurants like Uchi, Oxheart and Underbelly specialize in pure Japanese and American fare, a number of eating joints have opened up to offer Mexican, Vietnamese and Tex-Mex delicacies. You’ll also find quite a few Cajun restaurants being run and maintained by Louisianans here.

  15. A World Class Healthcare Infrastructure
  16. Houston houses the largest healthcare center in the world. The city is home to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities as well as 24/7 treatments. In Houston, you will find top-notch treatment options and experienced professionals to take care of you and your family’s health.

  17. Much Lower Cost of Living

Housing costs in Houston are much lower than that in other U.S cities. The stable and affordable housing market of Houston makes living here a very lucrative proposition for all the newbie buyers. Additionally, it makes shifting to Houston a great idea for people hoping to take advantage of the employment boom underway. Even with the phenomenal rise in population and economy, Houston continues to be one of the most affordable places to live in the U.S. Its housing market hasn’t yet witnessed the price hike that other cities have. Therefore, when you make Houston your home, you’re bound to save more and spend less on basic amenities.

Houston has much to offer, in terms of a strong cultural presence, affordable real estate, a reliable economy, as well as a radically diverse population. Its doors are forever open to new residents and visitors who wish to experience Texas in a grand city setting. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle, hold on tight to those precious pennies or simply revel in an urban life that’s low on restrictions yet high on positivity, move to Houston!

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