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Top 9 Tourist Attractions in Houston, TX

The city of Houston was named after Sam Houston, the first president of the Texas republic as well as the General of the Texas Army which defeated the Mexicans during the Texas Revolution of 1835 – 36. Houston has become an important tourist destination due to its thriving rail and waterways. The discovery of oil has resulted in population increase, whilst the Texas medical center, which is the biggest medical center in the world, has helped to ensure that the health needs of residents and visitors are met. Below are some of the finest and famous tourist attractions in Houston, TX.

  • The Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • The HMNS is a fantastic place to visit for a family excursion. It is situated along Hermann Park and was created with the goal of preserving and advancing the general knowledge of natural science. The museum includes a central facility as well as 4 floors devoted to showcasing natural science exhibits. Also, the HMNS is home to Wortham IMAX Theater, Challenger Center, Hermann Park, HMNS Woodlands Exploration Station as well as George Observatory.

    Each year, millions of individuals visit the museum to explore the Farish Hall of Wildlife, the Cullen Hall of Minerals and Gems, Evelyn & Herbert Frensley Hall of African Wildlife, Glassell Jr. Alfred C. Hall of Paleontology, Wortham IMAX Theater, among several others.

  • Space Center Houston
  • Located approximately twenty five miles south east of Houston, the Space Center Houston is one of the several interesting tourist attractions in Houston, TX. There’s quite a lot to do at this center. To start with, you can tour the Johnson Space Center plus mission control. During this guided tram tour, you’ll see several historic facilities including the famous mission control center and the mock-up facility. You can also explore the Astronaut Gallery where you’ll be treated to a display of space suits including the suits worn by Judy Rusnik and John Young.

    There is also the visitor center which boasts a superb space exhibition including film shows, space capsules models, moon rock samples, astronaut’s rations, as well as a range of items collected during the Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury space programs. Here, you can steer a spacecraft inside a fun simulator, try on a number of astronaut helmets, wander around large rockets and even chat with a real astronaut.

  • Houston Zoo
  • This zoo was established in the year 1922. The zoological park features more than six thousand animals from more than nine thousand species. The zoo also includes a children’s zoo as well as an education center, making it extremely popular for family excursions. Major attractions include watching a range of aquatic animals up close within the aquarium and feeding the giraffes. The zoo is located at 6200 Herman Park Drive.

  • The Galleria Mall
  • The Houston Galleria Mall is one of the biggest malls of Texas. Individuals from all walks of life visit this mall to do high end shopping. It is situated within the center of uptown Houston, off loop 610. It has many retail centers which house some of the famous brands in the world. Some of the renowned outlets here include Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as Macy’s. If you are an avid shopper, you will definitely enjoy shopping at the Houston Galleria Mall.

  • Children’s Museum of Houston
  • The Houston Children’s museum, which is rated as American’s second finest children’s museum, offers the finest exhibits as well as educational resources. Founded in 1980 by a group of Houston parents, this museum is a wonderful place to spend the day with your children. Loaded with lots of fun, history and culture, hands-on displays connected to science & technology, health and human advancement, the Children’s Museum provides lots of opportunities for kids to explore and have fun. Major attractions include pretending to be a news caster on television, run a business as well as robot building within the Invention Convention arena.

  • The Health Museum
  • This fantastic Houston attraction will help you understand your health better. One of the outstanding exhibits featured at this museum is “You: The Exhibit”. In this exhibit, you enter your personal data into their database, your body is then scanned which lets you see your internal organs in 3D. There is also a device which ages you 30 years so you can find out what you’ll look like in your older years.

    Other highlights include live, practical science classes in addition to demonstrations, summer camps, traveling exhibits, plus other programs. Exciting for all ages, the Houston Health Museum is a place you must visit in this age, as it offers a practical approach to maintaining a healthful lifestyle.

  • Holocaust Museum Houston
  • The Houston Holocaust Museum, which was opened in the year 1996, is the 4th biggest holocaust museum within the United States. Its goal is to inform people about the dangers that hatred, prejudice and violence created during the Holocaust. Some of the bigger items within the collection include a petite Dutch fishing boat which was used to move Jews to safety as well as a rail car used to move victims. The Boniuk library, which has more than five thousand volumes connected to the Holocaust, is a fantastic resource inside the Museum. The museum is located at 5401 Caroline Street, Houston and its official website is www.hmh.org.

  • Cockrell Butterfly Center
  • The Cockrell Butterfly Center, which comprises a 3-story glass structure, is a lovely tourist destination for every age as well as a fantastic place for kids to learn about the natural world.
    The simulated rainforest surroundings are home to a wide range of tropical plants as well as animals. You can see a variety of live butterflies, and even migratory monarchs. The Cockrell Butterfly Center is located at 1 Hermann Cir Drive, Houston.

  • Burke Baker Planetarium
  • This planetarium, which opened in 1964, has offered astronomical programs to thousands of visitors from the general public to school groups. It has a DigitalSky projector which simulates stars as well as other celestial bodies and produces special effects about nebulous objects. You can watch full dome movies about earth and space science. You will be taken into a completely different world with the digital hi-fi sound system.

    There are several other great tourist attractions in Houston, TX including Downtown Aquarium, the Neighborhood of Montrose, Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts and several others. Thus, if you have intentions of visiting Houston, these tourist locations are the areas to visit.

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